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1994 Summer


Fancy dancer John Windy Boy rests briefly during an intertribal dance

at Connecticut’s major powwow, Schemitzun. Photo by Chris Roberts.


Native Seeds Search

The preservation of traditional crops, seeds and farming methods that

have sustained Native Americans for eons is the work of a remarkable

nonprofit organization called Native Seeds/SEARCH based in Tucson,

Arizona. By Charles Lohrmann. Photos by John Running.

Helen Hardin

The depth and complexity of the paintings, engravings and other works

of art by painter and engraver Helen Hardin (Santa Clara Pueblo), who

passed away tragically in 1984, withstand the test of time. By Gary

Allen Hood.

A Time to Listen

Two historic meetings between federal officials, including President

Bill Clinton, and Native leaders open a new era in federal-tribal

relations. By Deenise Becenti (Navajo). Photos by Paul Natonabah.

Voladores: The Flying Men of Papantla

The captivating spectacle of this pre-Columbian fertility ritual

involving Totonac Indians hanging from ropes while whirling down off a

huge pole is captured during a festival in the Mexican state of

Veracruz. By Sabine Vendrely. Photos by Patricia Estay.

Glass Tapestry

An outstanding exhibit of historic and contemporary beaded handbags by

Colombian Plateau artisans drawn from the Elaine Horwitch Collection

goes on view at the Heard Museum. By Gloria Lomahaftewa (Hopi/Choctaw).


A profile of the Pequot Tribe’s Feast of Green Corn and Dance, in

Hartford, Connecticut, the largest powwow in the East. Story and photos

by Chris Roberts.


Guest Essay

The president of the United States invites American Indian leaders to

the White House for an unprecedented meeting and address. By President

Bill Clinton.

Spirit of the Harvest

The story of succotash, made from the Mother Food of the Western Hemisphere: corn. By Beverly Cox and Martin Jacobs.

NMAI Report

News on the development of the National Museum of the American Indian—new secretary named to Smithsonian Institution.

Book Reviews

Howling Wolf and the History of Ledger Art, by Joyce M. Szabo; Reclaiming History: Ledger Drawings by the Assiniboine Artist Hongeeyesa, by Valerie Robertson with Charlotte Nahbixie and John Haywahe; and Full Worm Moon, by Margo Lemieux with illustrations by Andrew Parker. By Alan Tack.

Video/Audio Reviews

Hidden Nation by Keepsake Productions and Human Rites by Spotted Eagle. By David Claudio Iglesias (Kuna).