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Native Peoples magazine is the first and largest paid-circulation consumer magazine devoted to the arts and cultures of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Founded in 1987, it has an estimated readership of more than 100,000, with subscribers (most in the U.S.) and readers in 36 foreign countries. U.S. and Canadian newsstand distribution is provided by Coast to Coast Magazines at a variety of vendors (see map below).

We provide a respected, consistent and reliable voice for all Native peoples, and a unique, proven vehicle for advertisers trying to reach Natives Americans and those interested in Native American people, cultures and issues. We have created a unique publishing niche bridging the gap between the historical traditions and contemporary Native identities.

Our ongoing editorial mission to provide sensitive portrayals of Native peoples through fair and accurate journalistic storytelling. We invite our readers to journey with us and explore the rich and evolving lives of Turtle Island's first peoples.


Discover why Native Peoples magazine is such a dynamic platform to the world for Native arts, history, news and culture.


Native Peoples Magazine
5333 N 7th St, Ste C224
Phoenix, AZ 85014
602/265-3113 fax


Find our magazine on newsstands throughout the U.S.

Nearly 4,000 newsstands and retailers throughout the U.S. carry each edition of Native Peoples magazine. While carriers vary slightly from each issue of the magazine to the next, the map below shows locations where individual copies of the magazine are sold. Search the map below to find a carrier, or subscribe online. Email with questions.



Taté Walker (Mniconjou Lakota), Editor
602/265-4855 ext 130

Lynn Francis (Akwesasne Mohawk), Production Manager
602/265-4855 ext 170

602/265-4855 ext 170

Subscription Customer Service

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